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: but not mad about DPS making people have car insurance? if you don't want health insurance, good for you, just don't go to the hospital if you suddenly get sick, and can't afford to pay the medical bills. but no, people go anyways, and emergency rooms can't say no. this is different from DPS, cause you'll get in trouble if you don't have everything in check. and if you don't want to follow their rules, then you don't drive, it's that simple. I mean what should we do, have hospitals turn away emergency room patients who can't afford treatment? clearly something is f***ed up, there. clearly something is f***ed up with health insurance companies turning away people with pre existing conditions, and health insurance being too expensive for people in general, to where they have to live without it, out of desperation. i mean there are some people who sometimes go through their young adult years without health insurance, and are lucky to have never gotten really sick or in an accident, to where they'd need expensive, emergency care, or etc. it's like.. that's the narrative against everyone getting insurance. people just want to get their cake (not paying for insurance every year) and eat it too (when they get really sick, take advantage of the system anyways). THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE. and it concerns all americans, it's not some "individual choice", and won't be, unless hospitals start saying no to patients who can't afford treatment (which would come across as heartless), so the costs don't come back to americans. the only thing in the way of everyone having health care is cost. that is it. it's stupid hearing politicians talk about people having the freedom of not having health insurance, as it's some desirable thing, when they have the best health insurance in the entire country, due to working in the government. they're just in this bubble and have no idea
and i don't get why people think it's unconstitutional either, to require everyone to have health insurance. that argument only works if hospitals, like i've said before, turned away people who couldn't afford emergency treatment. and i'm no expert in this field, don't get me wrong, so i'm interested in what others have to say. i know this is a very complex issue and i'm just scratching the surface, but it's just been bugging me how people are so against the principle of obamacare when i don't see the logic behind it

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: Because dumbass sum people cant afford healthcare and we wouldnt be havin this conversation if that stupid nigger disnt gwt elected in the firat place
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: Wrong. Fail.

You only have to get car insurance if you CHOOSE to own or operate a car. And, you only have to provide insurance for the other person in an accident. You do not have to purchase comprehensive coverage.

What we should do, is quit paying to treat illegal immigrants. I absolutely guarantee you if I go sick or injured in Mexico, they would not treat me for free.

Obamacare is a horrible idea and will further destroy our country.
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: Um, because it's ILLEGAL.

The FEDERAL government does not have the power to force every man, woman, and child in the USA to purchase something. If they did, they could eliminate homelessness, by passing a law that everyone had to buy a house!! (thank you, supreme court justice for that example)


Flat out, if the average household income is $45,000 a year (roughly) before taxes, and the average family plan will cost (according to Obama) $15,000 a year, where, exactly do you think a family is going to spend HALF their take home pay? Rent, or health insurance? Because health insurance will probably cost them MORE than the rent. Keep in mind, the subsidies don't happen until after you've paid for a full year of health insurance.

That means, people are NOT going to rush out and get insured. They won't! It's the PAPER result of the law, but that's flat out, NOT LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD! The real world result, is everyone who HAS insurance, will pay more for it! Lots more, meaning some of THEM will now be uninsured, and the problems you're describing, of uninsured people demanding health care services, will be WORSE.

With CAR insurance (btw, not ALL states require it!), you're forced to buy coverage to protect the OTHER GUY, if you cause damage. It's a responsibility to OTHERS issue.

The answer here, obviously, is to enslave everyone in the health care industry, to the government. Under governmental immunity laws, they can't be sued for malpractice any more; we'll get them to work 80 hour weeks instead of 50 hour weeks; government takeover of all the hospital buildings and medical buildings will allow DMV-style customer service, in a government housing style room, with government effeciency levels, and $800 toilet seats in every stall.
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: I don't see any logic in it either.To force someone to buy Health insurance is like to control them and their life.I feel the same way as you.We just need to vote for a better system that works for the people.I think that our country is being controlled by monkeys.We just need a better head in the system.Don't give up hope though.Things do change and we can hope for the better.I say...Enough with the B.S.Our government needs to stop fooling around and get the job done like they said they would.
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