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: The "Service Corp" model is similar to how the Post Office operates. A Service Corp of general practitioners would be set up by the government but -like the Post Office- would be required to run at break even cost, and without any direct Federal Funding beyond organizational costs. In order to avoid Service Corp practitioners having to put up with threats of de-certification from the AMA there would be a separate Federal Care Provider certification that would exceed AMA standards. The Service Corp of General Practitioners would not replace existing health-care organizations, but it would create competition by separating physician pay from the "pay per procedure" model. Service Corp physicians would make quite a bit less than their counterparts in the private sector but would have other bets such as no-cost malpractice insurance through the Corp and a professional service arm to handle patient records and billing (rather than having to hire their own personnel for their office or medical group).

What do you think of a Federal Corp approach to managing health-care costs?
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: Yes, the post office is great and efficient. Oh wait, they're billions in debt. My fellow liberal, I love the government too. But they have the business sense of a 6 year old with down syndrome.
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