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: I recently acquired about $6000 in medical bills due to surgery, hospital bills ect. I had an unexpected tubal pregnancy aka ectopic pregnancy. My fiance tried to add me to his health insurance but they said no because we aren't married. So I applied for Healthwave but ended up not getting accepted because they claimed my household income exceeded the maximum allowed. I am without a job, they based the household income off solely my fiance's income and denied ME. Now I am stuck with bills I can't pay. Creditors are already up my ass and I cant afford to pay them right now. My fiance is filing for bankruptcy because he cant afford to pay off his own debt, let alone mine. I want to try and pay them something, but right now I just can't afford to. Can they go after my fiance? We are not married yet, and don't plan to be anytime soon just recently got engaged. The bills where all in my name only, not his. Can they get blood out of a turnip? Or will my fiance be at risk for my debt?

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