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: so im getting married in a few months and im makeing a list of the stuff i need to do. things like combine our checking and savings accounts and getting our own car insurance and cell phone plan. we are both 21 and have been going to college and living at home so after we get married its also going to be our first time moving out, so its both of those thing combined that im trying to make a list of.
thanks for the list guys we really appreciate it.

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: Do you have health or life insurance? How about a will? You will want to make sure your are each other's beneficiaries on any accounts or policies you hold. You will also update your primary contact for emergencies to your spouse. Marriage also changes your taxes, but you'll get to that soon enough.

Now is a really good time to discuss your financial goals and "rules," as well as put together a budget. Who will pay the bills and balance the check book? How much can each of you spend without taking about the purchase with the other party? Where is your incoming coming from? Do you have student loans to pay off? The more you discuss and agree upon now, the less likely you are to have a nasty surprise or a nastier argument.

Good luck!!
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: Simply go on inet and type To Do Checklists for After Marriage, many of them supply forms you may need.
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: Keep a separate bank account, fine to have a joint one but also keep one just for yourself.
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: Are you changing your name? Driver's license, SS card, address labels. Be sure to get some moving packets from the post office to have your mail forwarded.
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