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: A couple days ago my wife hit my neighbor's daughter with her car and it broke both of her legs. They had to take a her to the hospital and the next day the parents of the girl stopped by our house and asked if we could pay for their daughter's medical bills "of course we can" I said "are you kidding me!" My wife said "were not paying for that!" but your the reason she got hurt "her father said" "so?" My wife said "that dosnt mean I have to pay for her medical bills, that's what health insurance is for, I mean seriously how are you people that dumb to not get health insurance." A whole fight broke out from their and afterwards my wife yelled at me. "Why would you not stand up for me back their!" She said "they were screaming at me and you just stood there and did nothing you jerk!" "Well hunny" I said "don't you think we should pay for their daughter's medical bills our insurance will cover it any ways "that's not the point!" She said "it's a about principles, and how dare you not stand up for me, back i ware come from husbands actually stood by their wives!" Since this incident the parents of the girl have threatened to sue and im sorry but I still think we should pay for her medical expenses but I'm worried my wife will get mad if I do. Is my wife right? Should I stick by her or am I right about how we should pay for the girls medical expenses?

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: I feel you are in the rite. Your wife was the one who had the accident that hurt this child. Due to whatever she did or did not do, she was the direct person who did the damage & injured this girl. I feel it only rite you pay for her medical bills. What if they get an atty. who is "out for blood', sues you for any huge amt. of money. I dare say you would end up paying much more than the medical bills.You never know what they could do to you. I feel it best to pay the damages rather than take the chance of being sued for a huge amt. of money. I would point this fact out to your wife & that just may change her mind. You could end up in debt for the whole rest of your lives if they get a "cut throat" atty. To me it would not be worth taking that chance!!! Think about it in all seriousness & logically....the best to you...:)
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