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: My cousin has a Soldier that ETS in 2011. When he ETS'd, DTS did not process the voucher he submitted in DTS before he ETS'd, which resulted in a collection on the Soldier Citi-Bank Goverment Travel Card. The Soldier seperated from of the military for a year due to being burt out and having health issues. He came back in the U.S. Army Reserves in 2012, but the card was charded off. He was also unemployed for a long period. He finally got a job and paid the balance off, eventhough it was charded off. He was told by a Citi-Bank rep that if he paid it off, eventhough the card was charged off, he could be reinstated.

The Soldier reapplied an was denined, so he uses Centrally Billed Account. Can the Soldier stay in the Army or does he need to think of transfering into another reserve brach (U.S. Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard)?

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: So is your cousin back in the active military or Reserves or Guard? If so I would reapply and take the application to a higher level along with the circumstances surrounding all this and they can issue him a restricted card. Also his unit when he is entered into DTS will have it set up where its mandatory that split disbursement is done which means they get their money first for any charges once he files the voucher. The restricted card will have a lower maximum dollar amount and also basically only be turned on for him to use when he travels on orders and then turned off automatically the date the travel ends is what I have seen in the past.
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: Citi-bank has no say as to who is issued a gov't travel card. That is up to the unit, especially guard. And honestly, a gtc is not needed very often. The only times are when they are tdy or deployed. If the unit saw hs history with the gtc, they can refuse to authorize the card.

For the AF, many squadrons keep jr enlisted and even NCO's gtcs locked up. Only when they have travel orders do they release the card. This keeps it safe and secure, and prevents the member from using it illegally.

For this soldier, that would be the best route. Or to continue using central billing.
His ability to have a gtc has no bearing on his service, so there is no reason for him to change branches. Also, that financial debacle will follow him everywhere.

And I would hope that he knows that using it for anything other than authorized travel expenses is illegal. And that does not mean using it to fill up his tank and get food on the way to and from drill. That is what his personal credit card is for!
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