HellBill » Bills Categories: » Health Bill » Why is there so much stigma against me living home at 25 when I work full time and pay my own bills?

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: I don't mooch

I work 40 hours a week as a teachers assistant for 14 an hour. I have my own health insurance through it

I just graduated in December with my masters in teaching, where I did a 1 year internship and a school without pay and 13 weeks student teaching

I waitresses since high school to support myself through 4 year college and grad school

I can't afford to live alone yet

I have massive student loans, car insurance, cell phone bills, gas, food

Yes I'm going to be 26 but nobody bats an eye at my 21 year old cousin who was zero college and doesn't even hold down a job, and wakes up at noon everyday

I am an honest hard working person. I've never been lazy. I have always been working since I was a teenager
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: I also pay my parents rent
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: There is no stigma. You may live wherever you choose.
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