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: and can only afford to purchase supermarket brand dog food?
Especially a majority of you DS people always saying have shitty and bad it is for every dogs health.

I live with my dad and we have two dogs. 10 year old male Boxer and 5 year old Beagle. I'm in school but have a part time job and it's just me,my dad and our dogs. We dont feed them the expensive stuff but we dont feed them the cheapest brand in the store but it's still easy to pay for.

They DO go to the vets for their yearly check ups every year. Their weight has never been problematic, their coats have never been in bad condition, they dont have any allergies, they dont get ear infections, they dont get bad teeth (I clean them myself once a day) or anything else put as 'bad' in all supermarket brands.

So what's your deal?

People who cant afford high quality food but can afford everything else(Pet insurance or money for vet bills,toys,treats etc) because they are on a budget shouldnt own a dog?
My family American Staffy lived up to 20 years on store bought dog food and he had to pts due to an tumor in the brain that was inoperable..

End of description, run those little fingers and show me what you got.
@Greek-Oh come now Greek, why on earth would I perch my dogs and put them on display on a pedestal like it's my ruler and I am but a simple peasant under its control?. I do much prefer keeping a dog as a dog and companion. Don't need them having a complex going on.
@TK- Your answer was completely pointless to this question. I somehow dont see how my dogs diet is going to cause a horrific accident and end someones life.''why are people so mad at me for having bad brakes and a cracked head on my car, not everyone can afford to fix their cars'' Really? Your going to compare some idiot with a bad car to a DOG?. You must have some paranoia happening.
@ Anne B- You need to get yourself in check.1-So the hell what if I'm a damn new member? That's not answering my question.2- I dont need to post link because every question asked on this site regarding a dogs diet or supermarket food will have the flame/hate TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ THEM and 3- YES he lived up to 20 god damn years! What? You expect every single dog to cark it when they hit the 15 year mark?If thats the age limit of your own dogs then I would worry about what *YOU'RE* doing instead of what me and my dad are doing with our OWN dogs. Shove that into your morning cup of coffee because EVERYTHING mentioned was the TRUTH.
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: This is what I hate to ... they expect everything to be perfect and if you don't have the money you "shouldn't have a dog"
Well maybe people shouldn't have kids either if they don't feed their children high quality food

I understand the supermarket stuff like Pedigree, Purina, etc, many of them had callbacks for rat poisoning and it IS like feeding mcdonalds to a child everyday but some people can't always afford a $40 bag of dog food, doesn't mean you are a irresponsible dog owner.
Hey, my mom can't afford to feed us the $40 steaks everynight, maybe now she's a bad mother since we eat kraft dinner most the time

For the record I feed my dogs higher quality food then I feed myself and it isn't supermarket brands so stop thumbs downing me.
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: Because in here dear, unless your damn dog is sitting on a pedestal, eating much better then you are, is never properly trained, you are committing sins worse then if you had souffle human children alive.
People in here, the vast majority of whom are idiots, cannot understand that dogs in other parts of the world are being looked as...dogs.
Ignore them, feed your dog what you can afford, but, if they want to pay for your dog's food, take them up on their offer, I assure you, none of them will.
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: It's because the supermarket brands like Iams and royal canin are really bad and if you want to own a dog you should make sure you have enough money to care for it properly including good food. It is very rare for a dog to live as 20 years on crappy food. I feed my dogs raw food because it's what they should naturaly eat. At my butcher dog food meat (game or chicken) is only 1 dollar per pound it's pretty cheap. You should as your local butchers how much it is a pound for raw dog meat.
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: I don't get it. My dogs eat Purina from walmart. it is affordable and guess what. They are NOT starving. Their poop is fine, they have shiny coats and they have the capabilities to work and compete. That is all they need. Why should we shell out $30 for a 5lb bag with pretty writing on it just because some idiot said that that is the only good thing to feed dogs. The best thing to feed a dog is whatever you can. Atleast we are feeding our dogs. Some people don't even do that. It doesn't matter if they are eating expensive food or table scraps. They are eating.
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: In some areas, it's actually cheaper to feed a raw diet than it would be to keep the dog on kibble. Obviously this isn't true in all areas or cases but it's one of the pluses of a diet like that.

In the end, it is your right to feed your dog whatever you'd like. As long as it's an educated decision and the dog is well cared for, more power to you.

ADD: While some grocery store brands may be passable, there are some I would *never* feed to a dog. An example would be Ol' Roy -- this is a food that has had multiple recalls and it isn't worth taking the chance.

I will also caution you toward feeding many cheaper dog treats - in all reality, you can make your own for cheaper and I'm not sure how it is where you're at but many cheaper treats in the USA have cause serious illness and death in dogs due to the quality of meat (or "meat") being used.
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: That's like saying "why are people so mad at me for having bad brakes and a cracked head on my car, not everyone can afford to fix their cars". You would be correct - not everyone can afford to repair a car. Therefore, not everyone should have a car out on the road where it can endanger other people (poor brakes) and pollute the environment (cracked head).
By the same token, not everyone can afford to provide a dog with medical care and nutritious food. And therefore, not everyone should have a dog.
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: IMO if they can "afford everything else" then they can afford quality food. Some dogs do fine on cheap food - others have lots of problems.
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: Some ridiculous people out there just feel better when they make others feel worse. Blowing their own horn without the slightest knick of sense. I can assure you that you're taking much better care of your dog than many 'expensive' dog owners out there. I fed my dog raw but that's only because I got it cheaply at my butcher down the road. Growing up in a tiny town, finding kibble is like trying to find sugar on a beach. Impossible. When I moved to the city, people look down their noses at me for feeding my dog 'scraps'. I PAID for those 'scraps'!

The thing is, people will always try to find something wrong with others. Yes, some dog foods are better than others but only feed what you can afford. If you go bankrupt I assure you that will be a worse situation for the dog. Working at the shelter, I've seen rich people surrender their dogs in terrible conditions. Obviously 'expensive' doesn't mean 'good life'.

You're doing a good job. Ask all those who tell you different to shove it where the sun doesn't shine. >.<
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: I agree with you and so does my vet. He says that is a dog is doing good on a food with no health problems then by all means keep the dog on the food. When I was younger my mom fed our dogs Purina dog chow. They all lived long healthy lives.
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