HellBill » Bills Categories: » Energy Bill » did so many people vote for Obama in 2008 he PROMISED to make their energy bill skyrocket

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: Selective hearing via the pressure from the propaganda laden flat screen in the living room ? Will they do it again ? Why would they/you ?

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: They weren't paying attention and the media weren't reporting it.
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: Not paying attention.
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: You wanted 12 years of republican rule?
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: Because the other choice was old man McCain.
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: Because I would rather not have stayed in Iraq. I would rather not be dependent on oil/gas. I would rather not let idiots try to fix the economy they caused do go down in a horrible twisted spiral.

Your energy bill can be fixated, dependent on if you implement the use of green energy sources in your home. You can even be compensated for your energy production. If someone is sitting there sucking the life out of a TV screen what did you expect?
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