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: Why are there over 25 job creating bills that have been passed by the House Of Representatives, that are litterally just sitting on Harry Reids desk? Could the fact that this is an ELECTION YEAR have anything to do with it?

Here are just a few as examples:
H.R. 872 - The Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act
H.R. 2587 - Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act
H.R. 674 - The, 3% Withholding Rule Repeal
H.R. 2433 - Veterans Opportunity to Work Act
H.R. 1229 - Putting the Gulf of Mexico Back to Work Act
H.R. 2021 - The Jobs and Energy Permitting Act


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: The answer is clear & obvious. Democrats will cede nothing to Republicans. it is pure party politics.
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: Harry Reid is pissed at Mitch McConnell.
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: harry is afraid they will work and actually really lower the unemployment numbers and people may actually get back to work. reducing their dependency on this failed administration. if he allows a vote on them that may also come back and hut them, so they spin the republicans are doing nothing.
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: Democrat obstructionists. The libs will do anything to propel the Cloward-Piven strategy into reality... by stopping all efforts from the GOP to repair the damage.

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: because none of them will create jobs .
they only deregulate to increase profits.
The industry has had the funds to create jobs and haven chosen not too.
The bills only white wash the problem by taking funds away from other programs to pay for them.
How about an END to FREE TRADE ACT
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: have you seen how many pages the average bill has? Almost 2500 pages! Take your HR 2433 for example....2200 pages. Of this only 2 pages is actually about veterans. The rest is giving millions of $$ to local government projects and sending money to overseas corporations that have nothing to do with veterans unless its Chinaman that fought US Marines in Korea back in 1952.
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