HellBill » Bills Categories: » Energy Bill » The "do nothing" House has passed 240 bills (31 written by Dems) that still sit on Harry's Desk. Who's the "Obstructionist"?

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: http://majorityleader.gov/bill-tracker/

40 Jobs Bills
12 Aid for Veterans Bills
Aid for Families Bills
Cyber-Security Bills
Education Bills
National Park assistance Bills
Energy Bills
Tax Payer Bill of Rights Act
Nuclear Iran Protection Act

And a couple hundred more.

What is Harry Reid doing? (Besides feeding you libs talking points based on BS that is)
Make that 285 Bills. .site was just updated lol
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: The democrats....even obama stated the republicans would have to sit in back of the bus
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: Your guess is as good as mine on what he is doing.
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: The cons, they filibuster everything since they lost the majority in 2006. Any bills that eventually do pass, die in the House. Go figure.
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: The Republican bills are garbage bills that Harry Reid has rightly sidelined. In all fairness, those bills belong in the trash but he has to exercise restraint.
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: Those Republican bills are loaded with pork and kickbacks to their lobbyist donors and various tax breaks for the rich.
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