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: What size of system would I need to get if I use on average 1500 kilowatt hrs a month I would like to do a tie in grid system I live in the states south central area of States any info or links to sites would be wonderful I am interested in this type of energy soure thank you

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: First find out from your electric company whether they allow grid tie systems.
IF so then they can help you figure out what you need.
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: I think if you have the land have a solar array on your land. Putting on the house could cause it to collapse! 400 kilowatts per week is a huge usage. Turn some stuff off and don't leave the entertainment stuff on standby. Fill empty spaces in your freezers with blocks of polystyrene and be sensible with usage.
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: Since you are consuming 1500 KiloWatts*hours (1.5 MegaWatts*hours) per month on average, you need to find out how many KiloWatts per day, so 1500 KWh*h / 30 days = 50 KWh per day.

With an average of 12 hours of sunlight per day, or even more conservative of 10 hours of sunlight per day
50 KWh / 12 hours = 4.1667 KW solar panel system
50 KWh / 10 hours = 5 KW solar panel system

An average solar panel is 200W to 250W, so

5 KW / 200W = 25 solar panels
5 KW / 250W = 20 solar panels

Solar panels are currently about $1 per Watt, so 5 KW of panels is $5,000

A 5KW inverter that is about $5,000

Other incidentals are about $2,000

Total cost (not including labor) is $12,000

Price per KWh is about $0.10 per KWh for East South Central states.
Savings per month is *at least* $150 since there are other charges in your electric bill other than usage that are tied directly to your usage as costs.

So $150 / month * 12 months = $1,800 per year
$12,000 investment / $1,800 per year = 6.67 years or 6 years, 8 months to pay off the system.

Contact many Solar contractors in your area for competitive pricing of labor and for a more detailed analysis of your home.
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