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: I've been living in a two bedroom house for quite some time now. About a year and a half ago I let my good friend move in because she was 6 months pregnant and needed a nice home to bring her son into this world to. Seeing as the two bedrooms are both upstairs (only rooms on that floor) I turned my dinning room into a third "bedroom" for myself so she could have a bedroom and her son could have his own. Mind you my new "bedroom" has no door (I've hung curtains up for some privacy) and is right next to the living room and front door entrance. I also have no closets now and very little privacy because the kitchen is also adjacent to my room. Doing all of this just to help her out. Up until now all utilities, including rent have been split 50/50. Everything was going fine until about two months ago when she got a bf and he started staying here 25 or more days out of the month. He did pay 1/3 of one months electric bill and some rent and is now gone. Issue is ever since then my roommate and I don't get along the same. There's this tension between us. My issue is that I feel taken advantage of especially after that experience. I feel like she should be paying more than half for utilities because she does twice the amount of laundry, her son is now one so she fills the bath tub twice, sometimes three times a day, she always has fans on and she is already getting a deal on rent for two bedrooms when I have no storage space or real privacy and I'm never really home. HELPPP

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: Have you ever heard of the saying, "NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED?"

Well that is what has happened to you, you looked after her in her time of need, she repaid you by not sleeping with you but finding a low life boyfriend to sleep with and now she won't pay her share. This is what happens to nice people, they always get taken for a ride.

Your best bet is to ask her to leave and take her baby with her. Give her a month's notice to quit and tell her you never want to see her or her baby ever again and next time don't be so kind to anyone. Look after yourself, let the rat race look after themselves.
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: I look at it this way: She is occupying two bedrooms in what you have effectively now made into a three bedroom home. Although it can be impossible to peacefully negotiate after the fact, I would have divided the rent by bedroom and charged her 2/3, possibly more given that she's probably in the master with an en suite and you are in a janky room with no closets or privacy. By right she SHOULD be paying more than 50%. She is taking up more rooms and has the best rooms in the house.

Instead of tip-toeing around her you need to just get the tension out of the way and sit down and have a discussion. Let her know what you feel is a fair split in the rent/utilities given the current use of the space. Don't even bring up the boyfriend if he's not in the picture anymore, but it doesn't hurt to mention that if she's going to have men in the house you need more privacy than a curtain. Just be calm and "professional" about it. Don't let emotions play into it. And let her know that you want to get this resolved so you can remain friends in the future, even if it means it's time for her to go.
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: Honestly? It sounds like you've had about enough of living with her and it's time for her to move on for the sake of the friendship.

This isn't just about the money. This is about you feeling like you're a guest in your own home with no privacy, storage and certainly no way to host a dinner party either. :-)

I think the longer this goes on the more resentment is going to build up and eventually it will destroy the friendship.

Perhaps it's time for her to move out. She is a single woman with a child who is actively dating. She needs her own space where she doesn't have for permission to have a bf sleep over. And you need control of your own living situation.
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: Sounds like you need to sit down and have what I call an adult conversation - two intelligent, mature people discussing a topic, listening to each other's points of view, reviewing facts, etc.

Let her know that when you moved to the dining room you were under the impression it would be a temporary arrangement. Now, more than a year has gone by and you need a more permanent plan. One option is that she sets up a bed in her room for her son and you move back upstairs so you are each occupying one bedroom. If not, you'll need to either make plans for one of you to move out or come to a different arrangement on splitting rent.

As for utilities its hard to imagine that she's using double the utilities just because she has a 1 year old son. She's running fans because she's on the top floor in the middle of summer - she'd be running them even without her child and you'd be running them too if you were living up there, so don't stress out about it too much. You'd also probably be running the heater and/or air conditioner the same regardless of the child. Maybe she can agree to pay 2/3 share of the water bill since she's using so much extra, but I think 50/50 split for other utilities is still fair.

Bottom line is that if she can't afford to either get her own 2 bedroom apartment or pay for this apartment all on her own (meaning you move out) then she can't afford to have a separate bedroom for her child, she needs to move the child into her room and accept the reality of her financial situation.
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