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: I have a roommate and she has yet to pay our electric bill since April, I however have paid my half each month and they have received it. Since the account is in both our names and I am actually paying will it affect my credit or just hers?

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: You are joint and severally liable for the bill. That means that the utility company can claim the whole sum from either of you.
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: It will affect BOTH of you. The utility doesn't care about who pays what half. If the entire bill isn't paid, you will both reap the consequences.
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: Both. They don't keep track of whose half was paid. They just know that only half of the bill was paid. Each of you is responsible for making sure the whole bill gets paid. Each of you must pay the whole bill if the other doesn't pay anything.
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: You may think you are paying 'your' half of the bill but in reality the utility company will come after you as well as your roomie for the balance outstanding if it is not paid and it will apply late charges, plus £50 a time for any letters they send regarding the outstanding amount and £100 for any actual visit their collection agent makes to look for payment.
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