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: my tenancy of the flat im in shared with 2 others had an electric allowance. I tried to be very careful all year to stick to it. i kept asking another tenant throughout the year how we were doing with our electric bill (her parents on the flat) and she always said we were either under it, or fine. One of the tenants has moved out and has received her deposit back (which would have been used to pay for excess electric charges). We had a power outage where we had to get an electrician in, and now, just before the end of my tenancy she has said we are £400 over our allowance. Because the other tenant who moved out won't have to pay anything, I don't want to either. Particularly because we have been told all year by the girl who's parents own the flat that the electric is fine. Also this girl would have her heater on all the time when it was cold, has her tv on all the time, her laptop on, would go for weekends away with her bathroom towel rack switched on too and sometimes turned the radiator in our hall on to warm it up when it was completely unnecessary.
Should I be charged extra? I want to contest it if I am.

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: It sounds like you were lied to by the energy waster. I would certainly stand up for yourself and state the facts. Her parents may not realize how irresponsible she is.
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: Read your lease.
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: I would think the bill would be split evenly. But these are all things you should work out before moving in with someone.
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