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: I am not sure what category I was suppose to put this in but anyway. I live in Utah and It gets really hot here. I love the cold and can't stand the heat but my family doesn't like the cold so they keep it at 76 degrees Fahrenheit all the time and that isn't cold enough for me. Where can I get one of those portable air conditioner's that I can just put by the window and will produce cold air? I really need to know because It gets up to around 85 degrees in my room and I can't stand it. PLEASE ANSWER.

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: You can get one at Sears, Lowes, Home Depot or any store like that. It will use electricity, so your parents will probably expect you to kick in for the electric bill. I feel your pain; I live where it's hot and humid and my parents kept the thermostat at 80. 80 is NOT air conditioning. Make sure it is installed correctly and you keep the filter changed.
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