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: If you send salam to prophet Muhammad SAW, along with your
supplication, your prayer is always accepted?

May was a hot month in Karachi and I was fearing a huge electric bill as we used AC also. A higher bill with more govt. taxes was
expected to play havoc with my finances.

I sent my son to bring the bill and I prayed with darood sharif
(saying salam to prophet Muhammad SAW) for a lesser bill.

And lo and behold, the bill was Rs 500 less than last month.

Have you experienced that supplications with salam on prophet SAW are always accepted?
It used to happen when I had doubts. Now that I have
full faith in Allah and truth of His blessed prophet, my supplications are all accepted, Alhamdo Lillah.

If you have full faith in God Almighty, your prayers will also be accepted, for sure. Allah is Hope and Light of our
life, you only have to make Him your first choice. Like a child habitually calls his mother, our first call Should be
Allah (God in Arabic).
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: About 1100 AD the entire Islamic Religion shut down to any new ideas, discoveries or concepts and it has never recovered. That's why there are very few Muslim great scientists, Nobel Prize winners etc.
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: Yeah, but I am sure there are times you prayed and things didn't turn out the way you expected too.
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