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: 250w Grid Tie Power Inverter Converter Solar 10.8v-30v DC 110v AC
amazon /Power-Inverter-Con…

I have both the batteries and solar panels hooked up in parallel, with a 12-volt DC-AC inverter and Solar Charge Controller, but I am using a 100 watt solar panel, will the 100 watt solar panel put 100 watts into my house thru this GTI and offset my electric bill a little bit? Or does it have to be up to 250 watts, or is that the limit for what it can handle?

I'm thinking 250 watts is what it can handle and 100 watts from Solar Panel would do no harm and do what I want it to do, am I right on this?
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: Sorry but the Amazon link is dead.
Can you put the make and model number into the question?
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: SEE the specifications and instructions.

Units have a MAXIMUM amount of power they can handle, and a minimum they require to function correctly, and the source of THAT minimum.
Within those ranges, properly connected, they should operate correctly.

NOTE, that in MOST places a GT system MUST be approved by the power company BEFORE installation.
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: lets see if you have a grid tie inverter that only goes to the grid but if you have an seperate inverter that goes to the 12 volt right before it goes to the grid you could run an li ion on your back up inverter you could go as crazy as to get an hilo battery you could run your whole shop just dont blow the battery up if you have no stop on it that limits the battery from over chargeing the power company likes to play games you may have the grid tie inverter but theyll go out of there way to not hook it up correctly especially if your surrounded by dirty power you could switch to leds but watch for the ones on recall so 2 seperate systems panel grid tie inverter junction generator disconect or panel junction 12 volt inverter battery limiter or what ever its called back up in series to your reading light that way its something simple make shure you have an disconnect check out other power buy an abc extinguisher just uncase you have problems oh and at mar 23 2013 8:30 - 10:00 participate with earth hour pull batteries on your cell pull the fuses then maybee spend time rigging your photovoltaic system i could be off on a few things oh and watch electric car conversions on youtube and adhesive panels for your vehicles they will love you ya i keep staying totally dependant of the grid and they keep hikeing prices family members cry above ground while there family members are stuck in mines getting resourses crying ya i got the message when i see that guy on the monitor say i moved to the mountains and there used to be a mountain there its now a pit and the creek is 300 ft below sediment theres mud slides and i thought to my self that looked like fun keep tinkering git to the hardware store try to find usa made as i look across the bay canada has a big wind farm and as i look on our side cricket cricket our ford plants shut down they left there toxic krap behind figured the problem would majicly go away capping it with clay and cement you wouldnt happen to know anyone out of a job or that could weld tinker tool die riiiigh big excuses and they keep importing stuff from people who love the people but hate us declaration of independance what about energy independence my govts out of control no mow no maintence power to the people good luck
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