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: My mother's estate was recently sold. There was 4 of us siblings on a living trust will left by our mother. One of my sisters was left with power of attorney.She hired an attorney.My question is can she bill us for his service"s that had nothing to do with sale of the estate?
When i asked my sister why she hired the attorney she responded it was to protect herself against me if i were to contest the will which i had no intentions to do so.

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: If it's estate business she can bill the estate. There are legal requirements to be met when one is settling an estate, and it's hard to do it right without at least consulting a lawyer.
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: She should have kept enough money from the sale to pay for the attorney. It is tough to get it from siblings after you've already doled it out. But yes. She can bill anyone who got any money from the estate for any expenses of the estate.
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