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: Yahoo member Curtis1911 gave me a link to pending House bills stuck in the Senate. The first one is HR 872. I'll post the first paragraph of the bill.

Is this what you'd like Harry Reid to pass in the senate, really??

cept as provided in section 402(s) of the Federal
7 Water Pollution Control Act, the Administrator or a
8 State may not require a permit under such Act for
9 a discharge from a point source into navigable
10 waters of a pesticide authorized for sale, distribu11
tion, or use under this Act, or the residue of such
12 a pesticide, resulting from the application of such
13 pesticide.’’.

So in other words, "go ahead and dump your pesticide into the local river, it's OK with us"!
Thats part of the so-called "Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act of 2011"

All those in favor, if you were to eat fish from that river, say "Aye"!
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: Corporate dumping of contaminants has destroyed many rural streams and wetlands across this country.

Once destroyed, reclamation is impossible in many instances.
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: as I said before... EVERY ONE OF THOSE BILLS... are just GOP wet dreams that wouldn't have passed in any senate of the past 60 years...

it's a joke...
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: I agree that it looks terrible. But to be honest, I'm not sure I understand the impact of the bill, since I'm no expert on the Water Pollution Control Act.
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: I suspect that if the GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus freak party runs the table in the next election almost all of the current environmental laws will be either repealed or not enforced. I also suspect that abortion, gay marriage and 'gays in the military' will go the way of the buffalo. OSHA will be a dead duck, as will ANY real 'regulations' that the trans national corporations, insurance companies and banks object to. Wind and solar will be allowed to die, if not actively killed. I doubt if the Federal Reserve will go away, but you can bet the farm that 'Federal Aid to Education', any attempt to reinstate federal unemployment assistance and both Social Security and Medicare will begin walking their last mile to the gallows. On the other hand laws WILL be passed allowing the plastering of 'Jesus junk' on the walls of public buildings.

Conclusion: With the election of 'Mitt' and a few dozen bought and paid for GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus freak party operatives the road will be cleared for a mass exit of US based corporations for COMMUNIST China and India where environmental laws are zip, labor unrest unheard of, bribes take the place of taxes and there are at least five billion consumers as opposed to our piddling 300 million. What will be left is gutted, hollowed out country that's served its purpose and can now be abandoned to street gangs, drug cartels and mafioso godfathers. The rich and the highly educated will head for Europe.....the 95% of us that work for wages will head for 3rd world status. History moves on.
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