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: I bought a truck and the person that signed off on the title was the son of the man and women listed on the title. I have had many issues with the vehicle and wish I never bought it in the first place. I have put a nice chunk of money into fixing parts of the truck and then when I went to license it I was told that he signed the title illegally so I do not actually own it. Can I get in trouble for paying him and signing the title and bill of sale when he is not the owner? I would like to take him to small claims court and get my money and what I put into the truck back and return the truck to him (in better shape than what he sold it to me, I might add). However, he is now saying that he can send a new title in the mail with his parent signature on it. He also originally told me he would send me the spare key and a copy of the bill of sale and never did. Due to the fact that I would rather just get my money back and I do not believe he will actually send the title I want to know if I can just win in small claims court?

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: Take them to court but you WILL NOT get any of the money you invested in the truck back. Just the money you PAID for the truck. The seller has nothing to do with the money you put in the truck.
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: I doubt you will win - if he makes good on his promise (of course he may just forge the signatures so insist that the title be notarized). He would be in trouble for fraud but getting blood from a turnip or money from a fraudster won't be easy no matter what you do. He will plead ignorance in court and probably get sympathy from the judge and given a chance to make it right anyway.

Basically give him a few days to get the title in your hands or tell him he will be in small claims court with his parents if the deadline is not met. A lawyer friend is always nice to have - the correct verbiage on some stationary from the law offices of Willy, Cheatam and Howe would be more convincing.
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: You probably are wasting your time.

First off it costs money to sue. Next, what if you win and he doesn't have it ? How will you collect ?

You bought it and you own it. As long as you were able to transfer it in your name, that ends any claim you might have had.

Now, if he doesn't get you a title within 5-6 weeks you might have to sue. But I need to stress, winning in court does NOT mean anyone handing you money. Its 100% up to you to collect.

If they don't have it, how will you collect it ?

If they do have it and don't pay you, how will you collect ?

You can ask for your money back but I doubt you will get it.
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: Sounds like you're in quite a predicament, Bobo.
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