HellBill » Hell Bill Area: » Bill Of Sales » Would background checks be "redundant" still if Conservatives hadn't fought to have every Brady Bill back....?

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: ...ground check immediately discarded after the sale?
So you have to go through exactly the same background check every time you buy a gun, because of right wing paranoia about "gun registries?"

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: Where do you people come from???
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: All the nutjobs that got guns the normal way, unless you have been institutionalized, theres no backround check magic. These folks have either borrowed the gun or has never gotten help. They all appear normal. Theres no device to see if you are gonna lose it. Most of these shooters hate Cons. And James the theater shooter, worked for Obama.
They all have been liberals though. Interesting i would say.We need to deal with the real issue. Mental illness.not one of these peope have been NRA MEMBERS.
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