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: I'll tell you every detail about this guy so read carefully and let me know at the end if he is trust worthy. I know its allot to read but it might help you understand.

Ok so. This guy works at a mobile store. I got to know him a little from there on. Its been about 3 months since I met. I went to the store to get a phone plan. And for the first visit he was really nice and he was the type of sales person who was really committed to selling the best product the store had to offer. Plus he was very persuasive. And when I spoke of other companies and their deals, or other questions he was really vague. Anyways, I got the deal and left thanking him.

2 weeks later I went to see him for the second time. This time I got a phone. We talked and he was really nice and loved the fact that i bought the phone from him. This is a wind mobile company. You can look it up, it's basically a cellphone carrier.

Another week later I went being impressed with the service of the carrier that I decided to get another phone. At this point the guy was really happy. And he got a bit personal. Conversation led to him telling me that he has a wife and how he lives not too far from the city and how he just became a father of a baby girl. I also got to know that he recently got started in this phone business.
He said he was making more money before with his old career but didn't like it. Now he loves his new job (phone sales rep). ANyways, I left shaking his hand. And I also talked about my family, and my mother was there too. As she met him there. But she didn't talk to him much. I was doing the talking mostly. I spoke about the restaurant we own. And he got very excited and asked if we have vegetarian food since he wants to take his girlfriend to dinner at our restaurant because she is vegetarian. I said "Sure, love to see you there." And left the premise.

Now this time is the last time I went to visit the cellphone store he works at. Which is about a month ago. I went there to pay my bills. I left pretty quickly and he said that he would eventually take his wife to my restaurant and he promised. I said it was ok and he could go anytime he was free. I shook his hand and left.

Now 2 weeks ago, from today. I was working at the restaurant and he showed up during dinner with his wife. I shook his hand and his wife's. She was really nice too. They said it was a while like 6 months since they been on a date or been to a restaurant together. I asked about the baby and they said that they left her with their parents to take care of her while they were away. I sat them down and they ordered, had their meals, were very impressed with the food even though they asked allot of questions about the food since they weren't too familiar with the kind of food we served...and finally payed the bill with a generous tip. ..... NOW just before they had to leave, the guy said that he liked me very much and very happy with the service. He said he would like to take me to see a "project". I asked about what it was and he just really vaguely didn't mention anything and said I would have to see it for myself. And he can't ruin it. I said ok and we exchanged phone number for the first time.

OK so 2 days later that night at the restaurant. He calls me and says when I was free and available. I told him I was free on tuesday. He said that he would like to take me to Orleans ( which is another city not too far from where I live, about 20 minutes away). He said he would come pick me up at 7:30pm and whatever is happening starts at 8:00pm. He would drive me there and return me home. Now again, when I asked him about what this was all about he kept saying that its something really cool and awesome and there is some one there that will explain it all to me. And if he says anything it will ruin it. He didn't even say the slightest whats it is about! Just kept saying I would have to go and see. He also said his wife will be there too. Now at this point I said I would since he seemed really nice and I said I also may not if I get any other plans that interfere or studying etc. He than said it was ok just as long as I call him and tell him in advance.

Alright so before anything, I told my mom right after i spoke to him on the phone about him picking me up and everything. She said ok fine but she told me to pass his number to her so she can stay in contact with him. She also said that she would talk to my father before deciding anything.

A few days later my father heard and right of the back he said..."NO". He said that he doesn't trust him and he said I only knew the guy for a short amount of time. What if something happens? He didn't want to risk it, even if the guy does take me to see something extremely awesome or whatever. My father said to call the guy and tell him that I would be busy and wont be able to make it.
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: Seem's like you've got your self into a bit of a situation, to be honest I wouldn't go for it, he seem's a little too nice, even if the project is 'really cool and awesome' you barely know the guy, stick to your father's advice; he seem's very protective but I can understand. Rape today is more than any other but who say's that going to happen? He might just treat you out, I mean from what I've read he doesn't seem to have any friends really, he might not want to muck it up with you, have a girl best friend? I don't know really hard to predict until you know someone fully. Give him a couple of weeks, get to know him more then decide whether you trust him or not.
Hope this answer helps, good luck.
Oh shit, just realised you're a guy hahaa, wait are you? Fuck knows wow both girls and boys where I live have the name 'Tony' well if you're a guy go with him, you can defend your self if he tries anything.
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: Trust your dad they know more than we do. Do not go.
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: I actually read all of that haha!

NO I wouldn't go. How old are you and how old(ish) is the guy? This all sounds a bit dodgy to me, the fact he wont tell you anything about it. You HAVE to think of things like, although he might seem nice he could drive you off to anywhere and murder you or anything! People always seem to think 'something like that would never happen to me' but you just don't know because it can happen to anyone!

If he seems like such a nice guy and you are genuinelly interested in what this 'project' could be, next time you go into store to pay your bill or pass by/whatever ask him how it's going and have a chat but defo don't go off with him anywhere. Plus he has a wife and baby, think how his wife would feel about her husband taking a girl somewhere.

Although he sounds like a nice guy... I am worried for you and I don't even know you. Just my gut instinct is telling me NO!!!
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: I'm not going to read that entire thing. Not because I'm lazy, but because it's unnecessary. bottom line is all in your main question, some guy you barely know is taking you to an unknown place, if you say yes to that then you deserve what you get, obviously you should say no. Get to know him more first and go to places you're familiar with.
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: I would say no. I come from a community where people are very trusting of each other, and most people are genuinely good, and I still wouldn't go with this guy. Keep your relationship to the phone store and the restaurant. Tell him if he wants to meet up with you any time other than that, it has to be a public place and you will drive yourself there to meet him.

It all sounds VERY fishy to me. Also, the fact that you are leery enough about it to have to ask on here says that you don't fully trust him either.

Go with what your dad says- it's better for you. There are some very disgusting people at there who spend most of their time making it seem like they are really genuine, nice people, when in reality it's just a disguise. You may think you know them, but you NEVER truly know anybody- even the people closest to you!

Be VERY careful about the choices you make as far as being around people you don't know well.
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: noooooooooooo
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: I've got some issues in my eyes I can't read too well without my glasses so I didn't read the whole thing - but from your question I don't think you should go......I mean at least know the place... O_O I'm not trying to tell you to fear people and not trust anyone, but trusting someone you barely know, taking you toa place you don't even know is very wrong - I think.

Have a good one.
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: NO.

Listen to your dad. Call the guy and say you'll be busy.
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: NO DON'T GO!!!!!!
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