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: I sold my car two months ago, I completed a bill of sale and sold it "as is". When I sold it, it was running fine, a day ago the buyer calls me and tells me that the transmission went out and he did a carfax and found out that before I owned it someone had rolled back the mileage, I did not know that. He is threatening to sue me if I don't pay him 4000. So my question is, am I at all liable for anything in this situation?

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: If you didn't roll back the mileage then you shouldn't worry about it.
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: No because he has to find the previous owner before you. He is just trying to scare you. How can you be responsible for something that happened before your ownership. If you can prove that you had not owned the car during the period that the clock was changed then sit back and put your feet up.

Plus the car was sold as is why didn't he do all his checks within the first week? Otherwise he could come back 12 months later and tell you that their is another problem.
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: Common sense would tell me NO WAY ... however with low life lawyers today .... who knows?

That's why I never sell cars to private individuals anymore ... the definition of "As Is" seems to be lost on today's society.
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: tell him you are ready for court. used cars sold by private parties are sold as is. As for the carfax lol, that is not reliable and he should have "ran" one before buying if he was so concerned.
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: Tell him to go pound sand. It's not your problem.
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: Just tell him what your work schedule is, so that you can both be available on the court date.

When you do go to court (and you wont), all you have to do is let him vomit his case. Say nothing. WHen the judge asks for your response, simply say "Your honor, on (date) I sold the defendant a used car. This car was sold AS IS. I gave no warranties or guarantees. I am not liable for anything." Then smile, nod, and thank the judge for ruling in your favor.

This will not get to court, because he is bluffing. But if he does, your total time in front of hte judge will be no more than 10 minutes, and you will win.
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: You sold it, as is.
No its not your problems AT ALL
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: tell him you are prepared for judge. used vehicles marketed by personal events are traded as is. As for the carfax lol, that is not efficient and he should have "ran" one before purchasing if he was so worried.
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