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: Charlene

You may feel life is rough
And is a bed of stone and nails
But thank her for you can still smile today
Your life never took a wrong turn

I was with the Pastor on Sabbath Day
And we were moaning the life of Charlene
You won't find her anywhere in the graves
But you will see her seated by the Lake
If you just tip her shoulder you'll break down
Her eyes will leave you with dents on your soul
I went to see her one day and she said:

"I was the prettiest of all the girls in town
My hair was black
But it shone all the time
And my face was sweet
It was chocolate to the eyes
I had what a lot of girls wished they had
My body was a wine bottle
No one looked as fine shaped as me
I believed I was so perfectly made
That I felt God would be tempted to boast
So I would walk with my chin raised
Everyone else was below me

Everyday I'd stop by the malls making sure I'd stay in the sky. So all my friends would wait for me.
Some waited by the changing rooms while others dressed me like a queen. When I'd walk out they would show their loyalty. Their raindrops of praise would pour on me. Whether it was sarcasm at its best or not I did not give a damn because I knew back in town there were people who found it blissful to look at me walk.

As I began seeing the ugly girls I noted they would get presents from these old fat bald men. They'd get money and they'd be showered with undue kindness. I knew back at home they could not afford so I had to grow my own sugar cane. I knew it would not take me long to score. None of my friends were as ugly but they had no idea of this life. I was about to enter a new world. I bought my short thin skirt and wore my nets. Soon my daddy was there waiting - waiting to be sure he was making the right choice.

The first time I met him he gave me ten hundred dollar bills. My heart lept into outer space. He kept giving me money. It made me feel more special. The other girls would get chocolates and dolls while I got the real deal.

This one afternoon he came to pick me from school. I got into his car with pride and he started driving. We then got to a place I'd never seen before. He said we were going to have fun and I acted so gullible.

My angels then left me alone
I'd betrayed my Holy Father
My innocence would soon be gone
Leaving a Lucifer in me
Since the pride had already grown

His shadow grew all over me
And his mellow eyes turned to stone
He poked a skin that made me scream
But no one could hear my voice
I kicked him into his wind screen

Blood oozed out of his broken neck
T'was a stream of my angel's joy

However, his estate said I was a murderer and the midwives said I had a still birth."

From that moment I knew
Why she tore off her face's skin
And tried to burn off her body structure
Her godly gifts had them sin
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: I think it is a powerful story, no matter what you call the form.
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