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: okay here is the verse (i might be to cocky with the money ish started off with the haters ish than ended up not caring what the peoples think going out every night because we cruse to my attention stick waited way to long to be on top of all this money ish now they say im the best yeah i already know that heard it way to long to be suprise about that had some issues but i solve them like you never heard that so dont be throwing it in my face cause ill do it right back yeah dont try me dont think that you could win me cause ill put you down like you never heard it coming cause i got the money so im gonna win it there i go blowing my bills without me even knowing thats just something i do.)

okay so thats the verse now let me put the chorus and please let me know does it go good together

(yeah thats just something i do i blow my money all day blow it like a fear i be blowing it just for the witnes to hear because when the witnes hear the money starts falling in bills and that what im going to need cause im the biggest fear)

10 points does it go good together cause i write good verses but i always get stuck on chorus so please let me know 10 points
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: That's really good! Keep it up :)
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: Don't worry about making a chorus, shit you should worry about your writing.. The verse doesn't even rhyme and what is this "ish" you put it every line? The verse is very poorly structured, in fact not structured at all. The content is about money, shit like we haven't heard the before. Truth is, your not the only one doing that. Work on your verses, content and structure before you start worrying about a chorus. This is all.
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: You should worry about your verse first dude that was weak no rhymes no structure and wtf is ish if you think that rapper all make up words your wrong and when they do they usually make sense by context that was just random letters you need work on that before you consider chorus unless this some kind of joke but there is many I've seen who happen to listen to a song an act like its easy trust me you must know what your getting into before even attempting it and I'm sorry you fit right in with that catigory.
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