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: I'm watching Kill Bill V2 and me dad asks me to look up a coin. I've looked for awhile but I can't find anything. I don't know anything about coins.

Here are some looks I can see just from looking at it It looks pretty worn and old.

The writing
"Ellis Island. Gateway to America." It has a semi worn out "In God We Trust" on the right side, with a B or P underneath. 1906 is underneath both the building and the Statue of Liberty.

"United States of America" around the edge of the coin. The Torch is right in the middle of "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled (very worn) Masses Yearning To Breathe Free". It looks like "BUS US!" or "BUS UN!" right above ONE DOLLAR at the bottom.

Sorry I can't upload a picture, I'm on vacation and away from my gadgets.
Thanks for your help!
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