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: Senator Obama wanted to close Guantanamo. President Obama basically said "fk it", too much work.

Senator Obama wanted to completely withdraw troops from Iraq (since it was the "wrong war" and all). President Obama is now discussing extending the stay of the "non-combat" troops.

Senator Obama criticized NAFTA and said it needed to be modified. President Obama rarely if ever even mentions NAFTA (and certainly didn't modify it).

Senator Obama criticized the "revolving door" between lobbyists and government. President Obama said "screw that, I need some former lobbyists, so I'll write an exception (40 exceptions actually) to my ban on lobbyists in the White House."

Senator Obama said the Bush tax cuts should expire. President Obama personally negotiated an extension of those tax rates.

Senator Obama promised to tackle immigration reform within his first year. President Obama doesn't appear to be doing anything with regards to immigration.

Senator Obama opposed the idea of individual mandates. President Obama signed a bill into law in which the individual mandate is the centerpiece.

Senator Obama thought the Patriot Act needed some revisions to better protect U.S. citizens' constitutional rights. President Obama actually kept every single Patriot Act power from the Bush years and even expanded a few.

So who would win?
@theo b.........."Me. I actually care about America."

Wonderful. Were you going to answer this question by any chance?
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: I'm thinking....Obama.
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: Me. I actually care about America.
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: def sen obama '08 he had hope and change, i would still reelect obama but sen. obama would beat him
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: Me, actually...
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: White Senator Obama vs Black Senator Obama. GO!
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: Well, it would be a primary challenge, Sen. Obama would win but lose to the Republican in the general because he has ties to Obama of 2011.
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: Obama would win.
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