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: i reeally appreciate help from people who enjoy history.

1 - The student movement began with students from which college?
A. Alabama A&T University*?
B. North Carolina A&T University
C. Tennessee State University
D. University of Georgia

2 - What was the estimated number of students that participated in the student movement of 1960?
A. 3,600B. 7,000C. 30,000D. 70,000

3 - Which individual planned both a 1941 and 1962 march on Washington?
A. KingB. RandolphC. RustinD. Shuttlesworth

4 - Which of the following was the site of a student sit-in to support the desegregation of Southern universities?
A. J.C. Penneys B. K-MartC. Sears & Robuck*?D. Woolworth

5 - Which of the following was largely responsible for the success of the student movement?
A. The Congress of Racial Equality
B. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
C. The Student Movement for Civil Rights
D. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

6 - Which individual was the real catalyst who forced President Kennedy to take significant action to push for a civil rights bill?
A. Bayard RustinB. James MeredithC. Medgar EversD. Phillip Randolph

7 - After whom did students that took up the cause of pressuring the government to enforce civil rights model their behavior?
A. Freedom RidersB. James MeredithC. Robert F. KennedyD. Martin Luther King
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: U rili get tym ooo.
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