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: Here's a little history before talking about what's going on now. She's my step mom. My real parents didn't want me or my sister so when my dad dumped us, she took us as her own. (That was 10 years ago)
Ok now, I'm 21. Me and my mom (step mom, I don't talk to my biological parents anymore) haven't been getting along lately. She yells at me and downgrades me all the time. I go to school. I have a full time job. I pay my rent and bills. I watch my sisters all the time and I'm seriously terrified of her to disrespect her.
For the the past couple weeks she's been getting really angry at me at things I don't mean to make her angry about, for example, I get paid in cash, she gets super mad when I don't put it in the bank ( we have joined account so she sees everything), I've been trying to build a relationship with this guy and every time I hang out with him, she somehow finds something to get me in trouble so she can punish me from seeing him. She wants me to compress my classes into 2 days so I can be home watching my baby sister because she goes to work. I'm so stressed out to a point I can't explain. I cry often because I have no idea what to do. I can't just talk to her because she starts yelling and I get really scared to say how I feel. I can't keep a relationship because I'm scared the guy won't like my living situation and leave me. I have 3 sisters and I would do anything for them. I love my mom but I have no idea how to keep living like this with her.It's depressing me.

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