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: I am just curious to see how other couples handle this. Lets say the husband works full times and brings in about 2000 dollars a month and the wife works part time and bring in around 6-7 hundred dollars. How does everyone in their household split bill, mortgage, etc. Just curious. :)

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: Every family is different, but your husband since he makes more should definitely pay more of the rent and bills. You should pay one or two bills and the groceries and perhaps part of the gas for your car. My husband makes more than me and he pays the mortage payment and some of the groceries and doctor bills and bigger bills. I pick up the groceries and pay smaller bills and get gas for my car, maintenance. He pays for us to eat out most of the time and for trips. I sometimes pitch in or pick up tips.
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: My husband and I just share our money. My parents used to deposit a percentage of their cheques into an account and use that account to pay bills.
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