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: i've hit something of a speedbump. figuratively, of course.

four years ago, i bought a motorcycle, thinking it'd be a more cost-effective way to get back and forth to work. initially, that was the only reason i bought it.

after it sat in the garage from needing work for about a year, since i bought it so cheap and it had mechanical gremlins, i finally had the opportunity to drive it around to make sure it would be mechanically sound. sure enough, it ran great, until...

i hit a dog. with no endorsement yet, insurance and tag were caught up. i instantly dropped the insurance to get a kickback, knowing i'd have doctor bills and repairs.

fast forward three years to the present. after rebuilding the entire bike from scratch, exhausting my resources putting everything back together (myself included), it's about time i got everything caught up so i could finally enjoy it. it's been four years.

i have yet another problem.

now that i'm reading into endorsements for my state of oklahoma, once i pass the written, visual and skills tests, i'll earn a permit that'll be good for 30 days, in which i'll be required to have someone accompany me that already has their endorsement. i don't know of anybody. i'm the only person i know that even owns a motorcycle, that works the odd hours i do anyway.

everyone i do know has a harley and they're a complete dick about it. i have a 650cc sportbike that burns half the gas doing the same thing.

what are my options?

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