HellBill » Hell Bill Area: » Bill Of Rights » Libs, do agree with HBO host Bill Maher that Obama lied about his Religion?

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: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/06/24/maher-to-stewart-drugs-are-good-religion-bad-and-obamas-spirituality-is-bullsht/

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: I would never agree with anything Maher the unfunny comedian says.
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: yeah , I think I agree with that . who cares though , does it matter if a person is any one religion if they do the job well ?
for all I care it could be revealed tomorrow that Obama is a lutheran or into voodoo , he would still be the same person he was yesterday . its not the 14th century anymore where the church runs the world and can affect politics in any way , the constitution guarantees freedom of religion and a separation of church and state so a persons belief system should not matter if they get the job done
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: No. Maher has a lot of contempt for people with religious beliefs. A lot of Christians are not that vocal about their beliefs, just like the Obamas.
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: No, Because of this:
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: What does spirituality have to do with religion? And it is the opinion of a comedian
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: Most presidents lie about their religion in this modern age, as Christians are partisan bigots.

You aren't naive enough to think that George W. Bush was raised an Episcopalian, but then became born-again, are you? That the precise reason which was cited for George H.W. Bush's loss, was the one that this conversion negated.

Bill Maher likes to think that Obama is an Atheist, because so many Christians act like crazy people, so in his mind most of the sane politicians are just paying lip service.
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