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: Please no hate!!!!

Okay well every night I find myself planning my future like travelling the world and getting married, I'm never thinking about playing on my bike or anything like that. I don't understand why I can't wait till I'm 18 I don't know if it's because I can drive or because I can move out but for some reason, knowing that I will be 18 in 6 years is upsetting because it's such a long time.

I find it hard to be a kid now, riding bikes, not caring what others think and thinking boys are gross. Now all I think and worry about is getting judged by others or having a boy call me ugly. I can no longer go to school with out some makeup because I feel ugly without it. I miss the days where I didn't care.

I grew up as the youngest child, I have a brother who is a father and a sister who's applying for her licence. I don't know if I feel that I need to grow up so bad is because I'm surrounded by older people idk.

I sometimes even cry because I know growing up takes time, I just wish I couldn't move out and be my own independent person, travel the world and have a boyfriend. I know y'all are going to say being an adult isn't as great as being a kid and I know, there's bills and money isn't limitless, I'm even taking those into mind, like what I'm goning to do to earn my money to travel. I'm even thinking about owning my own company when I'm older.

Is it just me that wants to grow up so fast? And why do I want to? I'm becoming a teenager next year.
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: Hormones are starting to get to you. I feel sorry for you. Now you want to be adult and everything will suck more and more until you will be 18 or 20. Then you will finally have the time of your life. After 25 or so you will look back more and more often and wish you would be a kid again, when your current problems are THE problems.
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