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: I just read about this today, "Today, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled against Democratic legislators and dismissed a case around unconstitutional use by the GOP of the “immediate effect” rule. As has been widely reported, including by Rachel Maddow (video and my previous coverage HERE), Republicans in the House have been implementing “immediate effect” on newly passed bills without a roll call vote. A ridiculous number of bills have been passed with less than two-thirds of the legislators voting for it. However, they go ahead and call for a voice vote and then instantly gavel it as passed, even though they need two-thirds of the lawmakers’ votes for that to happen." http://www.eclectablog.com/2012/08/michigan-court-of-appeals-gives-republicans-green-light-to-ignore-the-constitution.html

That seems shady. Would they support Democrats doing that?

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: I know nothing of Michigan laws or rules but from what you say, a judge has said that what they are doing is constitutional and legal. If therefore it is legal then the law does not require 2/3 vote to pass a bill under every circumstance because Immediate effect is allowed too. I mean if it is illegal according to the constitution why would a judge deny and dismiss the case?
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: Probably. The ruling applies to all parties. Do you assume Democrats haven't used it?
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: They have been doing this ever since they took over the legislature. Michigan is one of the places where democracy has ceased to exist since Snyder and his bunch came along. From emergency managers who take over a town and invalidate all the elected officials, pump all the money out of a town and then take off, to a government which, when the people vote down a law at the polls, turn right around and pass it again in circumstances that keep it from being able to be petitioned.

It's scary. I wonder how they even have the guff to fly the US flag any more!
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