HellBill » Hell Bill Area: » Bill Of Rights » Are my disney sketches worth getting appraised? If so, who is the best?

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: I have what I believe are production art sketches from fantasia, bambi, and snow white. some are numbered and have notes written on them. The one you see here is Chernabog from fantasia; I have two others similar to it as well as many sketches of mickey as the sorcerer's apprentice. Appraisals are expensive and I wouldn't want to do it unless it is worth it. If an expert or anyone out there is interested in seeing more photos I can send them via e-mail. I just need to know if its worth getting appraised. I would like to eventually sell them. I have a very sick aunt and I'm hoping these can help with her medical bills and home care.

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: iT'S NICE!
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