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: She (and Bill) did not have an honorable and moral record
with added in extra-maritial affairs from their time in Little
Rock, Arkansas. There is a file called the Clinton
Chronicles of so many under-the-cover things
that went on during their term in the governor's
Office. I happen to have a copy of these chronicles.
I think if you all could read them, you would never
want Hillary as President. Maybe you were too young
to know what went on then (Whitewater/Billy Dale's
embezzlement in '94 who was Clinton's Travel Chief/
David Watkins who used the presidential helicopter to
go golfing had to resign/Joycelin Elders forced to resign/Sandy Berger committed felony and had to resign. So many of their
appointees were shady characters like Donna Shalala (Sec
of Health & Human services)who approved of an employee's
salary of $100,000 after being there 3 months and an
additional bonus of $9,000. Government corruption at it's
finest. Oh, there's much more also.

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: "the Clinton Chronicles "
I remember that from the 90s.
Thats where they said the Clintons were drug-dealers who murdered dozens of people.
It was great.
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: Yes. Things would be even worse under a Republican presidency. Reagan and Bush gave us the two worst economic crashes since the start of the Great Depression, and today's Republicans still think those economic policies are good for America.
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: "The Clinton Chronicles" is a debunked YouTube video created by a 4 time convicted felon. Obviously, you've watched it and are parroting it as fact, but the actual facts show that it's complete nonsense and blatant, completely debunked conspiracy theories.
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: To be honest I would rather Elizabeth Warren would run, but she is on record saying she hasn't the slightest intention of doing so.
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: Really don't like her becoming the next US President, not in the slightest, but unless somebody better comes along, I'll have to vote for the lesser of two evils.
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: Much better for America than ANYONE in the gop.
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