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: I was living in a room in a house for almost a year and I did everything through a landlord proxy who lived in the same house. The contract was cancelled earlier than the full year period so I had to vacate by July 31. I chose to vacate before July. So I left the unit the last Sunday of June and I expected to hear from the proxy regarding the room inspection and the deposit. I left the key and my new address expecting to receive the deposit as soon as possible considering rent checks are always processed by the 12th day of the month. Other than being late in informing me regarding the last PGE bill the landlord proxy has not been forthcoming about information for me to reach or contact the actual landlord. It is the 27th of July and I still have not received my deposit or a notification from the landlord. The last time I texted the proxy she said it would be coming soon, a pretty noncommittal statement. Not what I would consider to be a notification. In fact I had to request this information, she did not give it freely. By California law I should receive notification of the status of the deposit by the 21st day following my vacancy. I have received no such notification. I don't want to speculate but based on my last visit of the property another housemate, who plans to stay until the so-called cancellation of the contract, is now living in the room I rented with her boyfriend. I don't know what to think honestly. All I know is I have a right to a notification and/or my deposit.

I'm considering a small claims case. I know the landlord's name but I don't know how to reach him or communicate with him. What advice can you offer me?
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: Text messages do not qualify as "contact." You should send a certified letter stating your case, signature card required. You can also consider small claims court, and possibly receive a judgment, but that does not mean you will get your notification or money.

You might also consider contacting Pacific Gas & Electric, again by letter, to request the required information. Failing that, you might seek legal advice.
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: You should probably contact a local attorney. If you have a housemate still remaining at the property, the unit isn't vacated yet and the landlord is probably retaining the deposit as a result. You should probably review your lease carefully and see if you can find an attorney to look it over. Otherwise, contact the landlord and ask them what's happening.
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