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: It's the elephant in the room
Created by a collision of the sun and the moon
My sonogram was an image of a gun in the womb
That was soon to be doper than heroin in a spoon
I'm astonishing, honestly my future looking promising
As my skin tone and a crystal clean onyx is
Darker thoughts let the beats break like a Amish's
I'm a stroke of genius like Mickalene Thomas is
Hip-hop and body rocking and doing it dude
I am the living definition of improving the groove
I use the same tools to shoot that Kubrick used
Take your hero to the river, give them two b-rick shoes
Who lose? If you really ain't nobody til somebody love you
I say you ain't nobody til they speaking highly of you
And what I'm sure you wouldn't want is any kind of trouble
Unless you got a crash dummy or a body double
You got a couple homies down to catch a homi for you
Well I'ma fold niggas into origami for you
The most notorious, Poet Laureate
Whole story is glorious, stoic warriors
And I got my eyes wide open on you quasi-
Haters still smirking like the gators on an Izod
Lacoste, y'all tomato head niggas are
Imposters, long drawn out process
Triple OG's got a worn out conscience
Reminiscing to when we was all out monsters, on
Our Sierra Leone reigning tyranny
I strike fear in their hearts, rappers stay clear of me
Black sane coat for Ayatollah, Range Rover, games over
Bill folder, give niggas that ebola virus
Huh? You got me chopped like Miley Cyrus
Nah, I'm on your block with Somali pirates

Irates, this isn't really my verse lulz

BQ: Favorite line?
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: BQ: Last line
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: Ehhh.. Ok i guess.
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