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: Bill---- " ya know Hillary, 2016 is around the corner and congress is going to subpeona you about the scandal. You have a lot at stake here and you should stop falling on the sword for Obama. Aftall lll, years ago he accused me of playing the race card. I don't like him and I know deep down you don't either. And when you are under oath you have to tell the truth. Trust me, I know (chuckles). You want to come out a hero, right? So tell the damn truth about Obama because if you don't I will.
Hillary, didn't you figure it out. Congress just said they aren't going after you. This is code for tell the truth to Congress and essentially you will be free of responsibility and your good name will be put back where it was before you worked for Obama.

Hillary--- I just don't know. I mean unlike Obama I do have plausible deniability and congress has more on Obama than me. I will testify that in fact I did fall on the sword for him out of interest to protect the dignity of the office. I will say it was the hardest thing in my life and then I will make references to my struggles. Everything from you putting your cigar somewhere it didn't belong , having to endure all the shame, and how our daughter felt. I will come out on top again and have a chance at 2016. Screw Obama, he sucks at playing president. He was a community organizer for christ sakes ( chuckles a little ). I think it is time to come clean Bill."

Bill-- " That is the Hillary I have come to know and love. No man is gonna push my lady around. Oh, could you bend down and pick up my folder off the ground, I got a new cigar I wanna try out" ( Tilts his head and laughs).

The END....
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: "subpeona"!!! Subpeona. Man, that is funny. Is that on a Tea Party sign too?
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