HellBill » Hell Bill Area: » Bill Of Rights » Since Obama will never get any anti-gun bills passed, will Dems shut-up now

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: The Senate told him no, the House told him no, hopefully Dems shut their anti American pie holes now.

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: he has SWAG he'll use an executive order and make it pass.
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: he not only DIDN'T "shut up" about the matter!..he went on a rabid "blame Republican" rant!
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: Why are conservatives pro-murder?
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: Those libs always blow it going for the hail mary home run ball instead of working it slowly with small incremental gains.
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: No because Obama listens to the American people that voted for him and not the NRA. There will be more tries and sooner or later it will be successful. Money isn't everything to every politician.
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: Seeing as 90% of Americans support background checks, I hope we never shut up about this.
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: I seriously doubt he won't stop trying to get some time of ammo or fire arm law passed. Obama and the democrats are best buddies and there ruining this country by putting us in debt and giving druggie, lowlifes welfare through are taxes. Are country is spiraling out of control and the U.S people aren't seeing that unfortunately.
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: Hey Knofear, did Obama tell you that? Did you take the poll? Would you? You'd see what Americans really support if that poll was real.
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: You win
We'll shut up .....until some law abiding citizen exercises their Second Amendment Rights by shooting up a crowd of innocent people ....and then we'll bring up the subject again
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