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: No we don't. Some say that liberals don't have standards but we do have standards and we don't think it is good that he cheated on his wife.

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: Okay? No, but it should have been left for just them to resolve - I just don't see it as an impeachable offense.
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: No we don't. Thanks for asking
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: As Bill Whittle puts it "a conservative politician has an extramarital affair, he's a disgusting hypocrite. Bill Clinton has numerous extramarital affairs, ah, no big deal, he's Bill Clinton"
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: Yes! It made them love him even more!
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: I think it is a matter for Bill and Hillary and none of my business whatsoever.
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: CLINTON did nt use monica in his next speech ha hahha like gov sandford
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: I think that it's none of my business...

...but you should get your nose all up in it.
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: If Hillary doesn't care, why should I?

I'm a conservative btw.
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: The hypocrisy of the far-rightwing extremists in control of the Republican party never ceases to appall and amaze us.

President George Herbert Walker Bush had a long-time affair, yet Katie Couric was the only one who dared ask dad Bush about the relationship during the 1990 campaign and everyone else in the press corps backed off when GHW Bush sputtered his evasive pretended "affront" at being asked. The GOP Senators John Ensign and Mark Sanford, and the House Speaker Newt Gingrich all acted as if an incident of extramarital fellatio was a gigantic no-no---an "impeachable" offense no less! And each of these three hypocrites were involved in extramarital affairs themselves---Gingrich even delivered divorce papers to his wife while she was hospitalized for cancer treatments and then he married his mistress, only to cheat on her too with the wife of a Congressional aide.

Most of America thinks the issue was never worth the hype and hyperbole that the propaganda mill of the nutjob far-rightwingers created for vicious partisan purposes. And a majority of Americans LOVE Bill Clinton despite the smear campaign launched during his highly successful Presidency.

If Hillary and Bill Clinton worked out their differences, whose business is it anyway?
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