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: so badly at these times? Just consider Rose Law Firm billing records, Whitewater Real Estate, Whitehouse Travel Office Scandal and now Benghazi as the examples. Was it the Whitewater or Real estate hearings where she said 'I can't recall Senator" over 50 times.
don -Your answer is untruthful AND naļve sounds like you're under 35 and don't want to know the truth
@dave- ok that's 1 example and I didn't even mention the lie about dodging sniper fire and didn't all you libs accuse Reagan of being senile?

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: There is not a word of truth in that question.
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: Maybe she has Alzheimer. But, most likely, just a liar like her husband.
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: vodka
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: I think it was Whitewater. And just think some people want her as President. She would forget where the White House is
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: Did conservatives ever wonder why when Reagan "couldn't remember" selling arms to Iran? Two can play at this game.
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