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: 250w Grid Tie Power Inverter Converter Solar 10.8v-30v DC 110v AC
amazon /Power-Inverter-Converter-Solar-10-8v-30v/dp/B004TVEF8Y/ref=cm_rdp_product

I have both the batteries and solar panels hooked up in parallel, with a 12-volt DC-AC inverter and Solar Charge Controller, but I am using a 100 watt solar panel, will the 100 watt solar panel put 100 watts into my house thru this GTI and offset my electric bill a little bit? Or does it have to be up to 250 watts, or is that the limit for what it can handle?

I'm thinking 250 watts is what it can handle and 100 watts from Solar Panel would do no harm and do what I want it to do, am I right on this?

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