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: That;s right! While president, Bill Clinton signed executive orders signing our national parks over to the control of the United Nations. For all you Democrap nay-sayers, educate yourselves instead of attacking me. I posted this last night and all of the liberal leftist's called it a lie...see for yourselves that Clinton actually did this.
@Anti-Charm So? Answer the question....Idiot

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: He is/was UN American is why.
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: Democrats hate America
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: He didn't give them away.
I think you need to re-read your own link. We still own them. All of them.
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: Were do you think all that "surplus" money came from.
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: Because it gave additional leverage to keep national treasures safe.

American corporate and mining interests are not happy that this additional safeguard has limited their ability to exploit, poison and destroy US parkland.

Apparently, Conservatives support the destruction of our national heritage, so they have tried to undo Clinton's attempts to save some national parks.
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: Man I hope that's not true. That's enough to start fucking things up over.
I'd like to see the US blow up the stinking UN building with all those crooks in it as it is.

If the UN protects that means we lose Ownership rights. It's just a step toward giving up sovereignty. I mean it, I'd fight over this one. This isn't even funny AT ALL

All this time I thought Clinton just sold us out to the Chinese, that Mother Fucker!
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: We need to get out of the UN. Its an shouldn't have any say of our national parks for us.
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: These being recognized internationally as historical sites importance is not the same as "giving them away."
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: It isn't a lie, but it isn't what you are describing either. If you go a little further down in that clearly right-wing article you will see the statement "Biosphere Reserves and other U.N. designations don't give the U.N. formal authority to regulate American land."

What it does do is protect our national preserves no mater what party is in power. So if some Republican wants to drill for oil in a national park, it is possible that with enough political clout, they could push it through. It it is under United Nations protection, it would not be subject to the political whims of political parties.

It's a good idea in today's political climate and it protects our national treasures from those who would give into greed.
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