HellBill » Hell Bill Area: » Bill Of Rights » do racist conservatives want to block Presadunce Obama from becoming America's first black King

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: Conservatives are crying about the legislation to remove term limits from the office of Presadunce because they know Presadunce Obama will be continually re-elected:


Will racism in America ever end?
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: He isn't paranoia much
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: I haven't heard any of this! Where do you poor people live? My Gawd.
And no, racism will never end. So you know what? You go out, live your life, try to do positive things in the world, make a living. Get over it!
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: Bah ha ha ha!!! "Presadunce".... That's BRILLIANT, dude! Did you think of that all by yourself? Maybe found it surfin' the right-wing blogs today?? Wow. How can people NOT take you seriously with genius like THAT??
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: How is it racism if term limits apply to EVERYONE?
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: America doesn't have Kings. Especially retarded ones !
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: I think racist conservatives should stop all this outdated and silly 18th century talk about elections and the constitution and accept the fact that Obama the Great should be declared president for life.
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: so 1776 is outdated but 1525 is just right?
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: he cant be reelected. -.-
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: Well put.However it's Presadunce Obonzo the Fascist.
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