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: I just received a call from CSK financials (bill collector in Virginia) claiming I owe some money dating back to an account they claim I opened in 2004 and made last payment in 2007.

I have no information or idea on such an account in my name. They would not even share the information of the original creditor so i can verify for myself. This is very frustrating, my concern now is them putting a false claim on my credit report. And am left with dealing with the bureaus and go back and forth.

How do I approach this? Can I stop them from attempting to collect on a debt I don't owe?

Thank you.
I reviewed my report last month and there's nothing in there from them. I can block their calls or ignore them. However, I dont want a situation were they have access to my credit report and enter a collection (especially an account I dont know about or owe). I have reviewed all my account information's and credit cards and nothing about an Associates Bank came up.

Does anybody know of Associates BanK or Diversity Financials? I need a way to stop them in their tracks before they do something stupid I dont catch it until it matters the most.
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: get a copy of your credit report. you should get a free copy once a year. maybe there is something you forgot about. If not, then there should be procedures listed on your credit report for filing a dispute.

It may also be scammers trying to get personal information from you so they can steal your identity. don't give them any personal information. Nothing. Just hang up on them. Block their number if possible.
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: Send them a certified, return receipt letter requesting validation of the debt to include copies of contracts or other documentation which proves the debt is yours. Don't talk to them on the phone. Make a papertrail.
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: You may well be genuine, but it's amazing how many people have a sudden recovery of memory as a court summons arrives. They then rush around trying to put things right but by that stage it is, of course, way too late
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: The statute of limitations for collecting this debt has expired. This cannot effect your credit and you are not obligated to pay it even if it was your debt. They have 7 years to collect and effect your credit, after that they are SoL.

I may be reading your question wrong. If the account was closed in 2007, there are 2 years remaining on the collection of the debt, but the statute of limitations for suing for a judgement has expired and they cannot seek legal recourse. They also can't report it on your credit unless they can fully verify the debt (which is almost impossible if your original creditor didn't report it). You do not need to pay anyway, in two years the debts gone no matter what.

Since its not on your credit report send them a cease and dissist letter. This will stop all calls. A google search will find you a few good templates for these letters. Sometimes they do call but you should be able to get them off your back. You should not talk with them on the phone. Use mail back and forth for any communication. Tell them this if they call again and state you need the debt verified completely by mail with contracts. If they cannot do this, tell them that any further contact will be viewed as harassment and prosecuted to the fullest extent allowable by law.

To check your credit and learn more about credit for free, check out the following sites.
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