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: I know this may sound like an insane question.. But I received a letter/bill from a collection agency.. Business Revenue Systems, Inc. in Des Moines, Iowa.. apparently from an account with Birmingham Radiological Group in Alabama.. Now.. I did have some other bills from were I'm from to pay on.. That my medicaid should cover.. Because I am pregnant.. but when I called them.. They said they'd put a hold on the account with the collection agency that they use.... I asked about the bill from Iowa.. she said they don't use that collection agency.. And I only have ONE bill that needs payment.. it's from my town.. where i'm from.. I haven't been to birmingham.. and unlss radiology has something to do with a sonogram.. I don't know what it could be from because I never went to this place.. Just my hospital provided for my pregnancy.. I've called the collection agency number SEVERAL times.. no answer.. and the numbers provided for the group place.. I've sat for hours on hold and noone ever answered.. seems really fishy to me?? any advice guys??
Might I add.. there is no actual address.. It has a PO BOX number.. uhhhm? You'd think this is an actual place, right?
Might I add.. there is no actual address.. It has a PO BOX number.. uhhhm? You'd think this is an actual place, right?

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: Quit calling the collection agency. They are trained to use what you tell them against you.
All communications between you and them should be by US mail only.

You have the right to ask for validation of the debt. Is the debt yours, etc.,

Write the collection agency a letter requesting validation. You can find templates on the Internet.

Keep in mind that the collection agency has no legal obligation to respond. if they don't respond, they most likely cannot legally validate the debt.

Edit, yes, a PO Box is a real address. Use that to send you validation letter.

Good luck
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