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: Long story short, after I got out of the Marines I went to college and flunked out.

The VA sent me a letter saying I owed them 2k. Over time this increased as to I can't make that payment, I cant even afford to pay my cell phone bill.

I got another letter today from Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc saying my debt has been reported to national credit bureaus.

It said If i do not pay my debt may be reviewed for refferal by FMS to the U.S. Department Of Justice for legal action...

I don't know what to do... Can I file for Bankruptcy?
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: Government debts are generally not eligible for discharge under bankruptcy.

You won't go to jail.

However, they will seize any tax refunds that you have coming.to pay the debt.
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: If you don't pay, they can start garnishing your wages at up to 15% and they don't need a court order to do it. They can also confiscate any federal or state income tax refunds.
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: "jail" nope .

take your tax returns = yes.
add money interest fees = yes.

bad debt reported to credit reporter = no big deal. u broke.

file for bankruptcy = hades NO.
worst mistake u can do.

figure out how to make money that is your problem

get library card and use it.

get a job or 2.

visit BLS.gov/OOH for 100s of careers/jobs that
u can get with local training.
many earning 35,000 - 60,000 first yr
some earning 65000 -110,000 by fifth yr.

good knowledge is good luck.
start at library
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