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: I started my job in April, and unfortunately was dismissed last Thursday because "I wasn't what the company was looking for". At this point in time none of my housing benefit claims had been sorted so I had to really scrape to pay rent this month. I phoned them along with the job centre today to inform them of the change in circumstance, and the back payment I was meant to receive from housing benefit was due next Monday (which would have easily covered rent and any bills that are due), but now my claim has been suspended again and I will have absolutely no income.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can get myself sorted, or my claim processed quicker, or any way of getting emergency cash (I don't meant through lenders like wonga or whatever). I'm panicking quite a bit as I have a son to feed as well. Rent was late last month because of the housing benefit delay, but I'm more worried about being able to put food on the table for my little one.

I don't really have anyone I can go to, to lend money until all my claims are sorted either, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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: Sorry to loose your work. as a short term plan, I would recommend you look for a charity that can help you. most of the churches and other worship places are helping people like you. just go and talk to the one in charge. or just seek any kind of non-religion charity.
as a longer term plan, you should start enhancing yourself, based on your last company review, and try one more time. it is a challenge to get a job of course, but life is nothing but a challenge after another. when you find a job "hope you find it soon" try to avoid doing the same mistakes. don't go like "that was injustice, I deserved more", instead go like "they were right to let me go for a reason, I have to change"

all successful people have faced this at a certain point of their life. those who admit it, become the most famous successful people in the world.
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